Michael Feldman Group

The Michael Feldman Group has the music for any venue

About Michael


Michael the Songwriter

Michael has been writing original tunes since the 1980's. He has six full length projects to date. His music can be heard on Spotify and Pandora and can be purchased at I-tines and CD Baby. You can also hear some originals at Michaels performances.


Michael - Band Leader

Michael put The Michael Feldman Group together in 2000, after being lead guitarist and vocalist in many other groups, and has played bars, winerys, benefits, private and corporate partys since then. No matter the venue, the song playlist is extensive enough to cover the style of music needed for the event.


Michael - Soloist, Duo or Full Band

Michael performs often in differant capacitys, as soloist for smaller intimate venues for an acoustic feel, or as a duo for more vocals and instrumentation. And, of course the full band for any event where that is the best fit.

Also, as a soloist with drum and bass tracks to give a three piece band effect when a full band sound is wanted, but the venue doesn't have a full band budget.